What is the Young ICT Explorers Accelerator Program? 

The Smith Family’s Young ICT Explorers Accelerator Program provides Smith Family partner schools with support to participate in a national schools digital technologies competition, called Young ICT Explorers. 

The Young ICT Explorers Accelerator Program supports teachers to encourage disadvantaged students to explore technology and equip themselves with skills for their future. The program consists of: 

  • Professional development and mentoring for  teachers. 
  • Hardware for students to create projects.
  • Support to ensure student submit their projects to the Young ICT Explorers competition. 

This support is free of charge to the school, and the school can keep all resources provided.

Why is this program important? 

The Australian economy is changing in the face of demographic and technological pressures such as automation, and it is affecting young people most of all. Digital skills are critically important; 90% of  future jobs will require digital literacy skills

This challenge is even more complex for young people growing up in disadvantaged communities. 

The Smith Family acknowledges the creativity and strengths of young people, and the Accelerator Program provides an opportunity to remove barriers that our partner schools might be facing so that their teachers can confidently support the students in the school to showcase their talents.

The 2014 NAP ICT data shows a gap in achievement standards between students from high socioeconomic status backgrounds compared to those with lower socioeconomic status backgrounds.

Who can participate? 

The Young ICT Explorers competition is open to students in years 3-12. 

In 2024, the Accelerator Program will support the participation of primary and high school students.  Each school can select which students participate in the program, and how the program will be run in the school. 

We have a guide for the minimum number of students to participate in the program, which is 12 students. Project teams have up to 4 members each. However, there is no maximum amount of students per school.  

What do we need from you? 

• An enthusiastic teacher, or several teachers, ready to take this on. 

• 12 or more primary or high school students who have the interest and passion to submit projects to Young ICT Explorers. 

• Commitment to provide students at least 1 hour per week over one term or equivalent of support (10 hours+) to develop their project.

• Commitment to submit student projects to the Young ICT Explorers competition in 2024; and attend the online competition finals. 

• Commitment to participate in an evaluation of the program. 

Link to PDF brochure