Year 3 – 4

First Place

Pet Care Trainer
Evelyn Edwards, Beemer Johnson-Ryan, Lily Lavell, Xavier Maney
Montello Primary School

Our project teaches kids (or even adults) to look after their pets. When it starts, the LEDs show a dog. When button B is pressed, that is playing so it shows a wink face. Button A is feeding, and it smiles when the button is pressed. When both buttons (Button A + Button B) are pressed, it shows a confused face because it feels unsure about playing and eating at the same time. When it bangs onto a surface (6g), It has an angry face – it doesn’t like it when people purposely hurt it. When some one shakes it, it shows a surprised face (an open mouth). Loud sound shows an angry face, and lastly, when there is a quiet sound (or no noise) it goes to sleep for 5 seconds. The point of our project is to help teach kids how to look after pets. This could be used by a child before they get a pet, to help teach them some basic animal care skills and responsibilities. It could continue to be used when a kid has their pet because it would help remind them to look after their pet. 

Second Place

Strong Password Generator
Jaxon Lehman, Zander White, Benji Wells, Bentley Lowe
Montello Primary School

Cyber security: we are trying to make safer passwords for children from ages 17 and under. So, we can stop the hackers from hacking people on games and apps. We can give people better examples for everyone so they can choose out of all the good examples that we give them. And when they have chosen a good password, they will be protected from all the bad hackers from hacking them so they can have fun in a game or do their work in a app. And we can give them more choices if the game only lets one person have a certain password. So, we must give them more examples of a safe and appropriate password.

Third Place

Solution to Pollution
Norah Ashley, Addison White, Sirena Dennison
Montello Primary School

Our project is about the solution to pollution.

We think it’s a big problem because it is causing global warming there for the earth is heating up and it is causing more problems for the ozone layer. To prevent pollution, it’s as easy as just walking to school because that stops more smoke from exiting your car and making it hotter. If we keep it up the world could END! So, it’s serious.

So that’s what our project is about. Our project will remined you to benefit global warming. And stop the ozone layer from heating up. It will stop big factories from producing smoke and heating

up the earth. We think it important that people start thinking about the environment. This has been a big problem for a while now and we are the ones to stop it. Our project could be the stop to this horrible problem.

Year 5 – 6

First Place

Turtle Nest Protector
Tamsin Dean, Peppa Hawkins, Elliot Begusch
Montello Primary School

Our project is a net for turtles that will protect them from pollution, plastic and waste. The net will have a built-in sensor to alert people on shore of the waste, the net will have a 3-D printed arm to bend down to the sea to reach the plastic waste. The inbuilt micro bit will send an alert to someone on shore who will come and collect the plastic so that it doesn’t fall back into the water when it next senses plastic. The net will be closely knitted together to ensure no plastic waste will slip through and fall back into the water and get eaten. There will be another net that will sense the light to make sure baby turtles only follow the moonlight and nothing else like phone lights or streetlamps, it will also protect them from predators like feral pigs or hogs.

Second Place

Declan Clements, Josh Smith, Leo Clark, Patrick Reilly
East Derwent Primary School

The problem we are trying to solve is when people need to set a timer but have poor hearing. This could help people who are hearing impaired with cooking or to let them know when they have been sitting still for too long.

We will solve this problem by creating a comfortable cuff which includes a circuit playground express programmed to make a noise after a certain amount of time.


Third Place

The Reminder Chip
Summer Jennings, Charlie Jaehne, Ella Crosswell
East Derwent Primary School

The problem we are trying to solve is when elderly people have memory loss. Our project will help remind the elderly or anyone with memory loss when to take their medication and basic needs around the house.

We will do this by creating a microchip sized device that sends vibrations signals to tell them and remind them to take their medication and do basic things around the house.

Year 9 – 10

First Place

Weed Identification Using AI
Ava Schultz
St Mary’s College

This project aims to help both commercial and home-based gardeners identify the difference between weeds and fruits. The project begins by collecting a diverse set of images of fruits and local weeds from various farms in the local area. These images serve as the training data for the machine learning model. This process involves retraining the model with the collected images, enabling it to learn and recognize specific patterns and features associated with fruits and local weeds. Once the model is trained, it is integrated into Visual Studio Code, creating an interface where users can provide images or use the webcam to capture real-time visuals. The system then applies the trained model to the inputs, making predictions on whether they represent fruits or local weeds based on the learned patterns. This project offers a user-friendly solution that empowers farmers and home-based gardeners in agricultural contexts to easily identify and differentiate between fruits and local weeds, aiding in effective farming practices, crop management, and decision-making.