Sustainability Award 2022

Naman Doshi, Jaeha Kim, Kurt Tubon, Henry Nguyen
North Sydney Boys High School

AquaAI is a concept project that consists of a network of solar-powered access points, which will each charge and communicate with a number of pods. Each pod patrols an area of the ocean, scanning for any potential dangers to marine life. If detected, it propels itself to the location and uses various methods to ensure that endangered animals are driven away from the location.

Each wireless access point is anchored in areas with high concentrations of endangered species, and connects via satellite to AquaAI’s servers across the world. Furthermore, all computations will be done by our and our API providers’ servers, essentially making the pods simply means to fulfil our goals.

There also exists an AquaAI app, which allows users to view livestreams from AquaAI pods, read relevant news articles, view pictures taken by pods across the world, and more, as seen on our own website.