To be eligible for the major prizes, the participants will be required to attend the judging rounds and present their work. In the event that a project team consists of only one team member and he/she is unable to attend the judging event, a class mate is able to present on his/her behalf.

Students can submit projects individually or in teams of up to 4 students.

 Teams enter their project in the following  Year Grade divisions 3- 4, 5-6 , 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12.

Once your team is registered, entries should be uploaded to the competition website on or before midnight the day the submission deadline ends.
Each entry must include a written report on the project. Templates are available in the information section. Reports must not exceed 15 pages in total.
Acceptable file types: mp3, mpg, avi, jpg, mov, swf, flv, mp4, html, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, iWork & iLife file formats.
Due to the possibility of viruses, unacceptable file types are: exe, bat, com, msi
If you wish to submit another file type, please contact the Young ICT Explorers Organising Team via, to ensure that it can be assessed.
The ZIP file containing the project and report files cannot exceed 10 MB respectively.
Projects must only consist of material that is suitable for all ages.

Submission Guidelines:

Entries that cannot be uploaded should be clearly represented in the report through images and diagrams. Students also have the option of submitting a video or screen-cam (in one of the file types specified above) showing their project being used. Students who are unable to upload their actual project will not be penalized during the short-listing process, provided that it is clearly presented in the report. Those invited to the judging reviews will then have the opportunity to present their project to out judges.

The main report must be submitted in one of the following formats:

Portable Document File (pdf)
Microsoft Word (doc/docx)

Report Structure

We suggest the use of the report templates in the information section. Or please use this structure below, adherence is not compulsory:

Title page
Your Name/ name of your group members
Name of your project

  • What is your project?
  • How did you choose your project?
  • Problems you encountered
Describe your project design and features

  • How does it work?
  • Use clearly labelled images, photos, diagrams, screenshots
  • Research
  • Problems you encountered
User Manual/Instructions

  • How do you use your project?
  • Conclusion
  • What did you learn?
  • What would you do differently the next time?

Judging Criteria

Each entry will be judged according to the following:

Creativity and Innovation | how unique and imaginative is your idea?
Quality and Completeness | how well does the project do what it is designed to do?
Level of Difficulty | how difficult is your work?
Documentation | how much effort you have put into your report, posters and your presentation?

Short listed teams will be invited to a judging event in each state where you will present the project. A decision will be made and the winners will be announced!