If I use 30 sec of a popular song as my project (movie/animation) background, will it be a breach of the Copyright Act?

We are unable to provide legal advice regarding the use of copyright material and the potential infringement of copyright material. Further, SAP does not authorise the use of any copyright material or infringement of copyright material and that SAP has no knowledge of an infringing act. Please refer to the provisions within the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) or the Australian Copyright Council dealing with the exception of fair use for ‘research and study’ to satisfy yourself that your proposed use of the copyright material fits within this exception (or another exception under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)).

The website for the Australian Copyright Council is http://www.copyright.org.au/. The council produces helpful information sheets about copyright at http://www.copyright.org.au/find-an-answer/. For example, to consider the exception of fair use for ‘research and study’, please refer to the information sheet – Research or Study.

My video file is over 10Mb. How can I submit it?

You can upload it on YouTube, mark it as “Private” so that no one (with the exception of you and those you give the link to) could see it. Then, simply include the link in your report.

What will happen to my participation certificate if I can't attend to the Judging Event?

If you can’t attend the Judging Event, we will send your participation certificate to your school in the week after the Judging Event.

What if I have to leave the Judging Event early before the Presentation Ceremony?

If you need to leave the Judging Event before the Presentation Ceremony, you can arrange for one of your project team or your teacher to receive any prize that you are awarded on your behalf.

Is there drink and lunch available for everybody at the Judging Event? And is it for free?

For Participants and Teachers a light snack and lunch is supplied for free.

For Parents, Guardians and Visitors, depending on the venue facilities, light snacks and tea / coffee may be available for purchase.

What will happen if I'll lose something on the day? Is there any place where I can pick up them?

Yes of course, if you lose anything please ask your section supervisor as they may have had it handed into them. If not, there is an Enquiry desk in the foyer opposite the Registration Desk, you can leave your name and contact details and a description of what you have lost so we can contact you when its handed in.

Can I enter as an individual?

Yes while teams can be up to four people you are able to enter as individual.

Where can teachers get more promotional material?

Promotional material such as flyers  can be mailed to school for free. If you require this material please use the contact us page and provide us with your name, school and the quantity you require.

Why do teachers have to register schools?

Teachers are asked to register their Schools and an approximate number of students to allow us to better plan the event.

Can I receive copies of any photographs taken at the judging event?

Yes of course, ask your school to contact us and we can arrange the photos to be sent to your school. You can use these for your school publications and any project presentations you may wish to do.