North Queensland

Year 5 – 6

First Place

Soccer Legends
Matthew Songoa, Bailey Du Toit
Rasmussen State School

Our project is an upgraded math game and is most likely the best learning opportunity as it is the best learning experience for kids as it is extremely fun.

Second Place

The TED Project
Trinity Clifford, Janeva Anau
Rasmussen State School

Our project is a teacher emotion device that shows the students what their teacher is feeling. We choose this project because we thought about the teacher feeling and how students could know how their teacher was feeling. We made this device to show 3 emotions, happy, angry and upset. We choose these emotions because this matches our Ready to Learn scale that we have at Rasmussen State School.

Third Place

The Rubbish Run
George Larry, Peter Hanson, William Harris
Garbutt State School

At our school kids leave rubbish around our school. Birds, especially ibises (bin chickens), come into the eating areas to eat all the rubbish and they make even more mess. So, we decided to create a maze game that will teach kids to put their rubbish in the bin. They have to move through the maze and collect the rubbish and take it to the bin. They also have to avoid the bin chickens as they go through.

During our project we have had trouble agreeing on an idea, but we got there by talking it through. We also had some trouble with coding and had to ask our teacher for help.

When kids play our game, they will learn how to put their rubbish in the bin which will make our school cleaner.

Merit Award

At our school we have been learning about the Resilience Project. There are three principles that we focus on. Gratitude, Empathy-Kindness and Mindfulness. Even though our teachers talk to us about them all the time I feel like the kids need more reminders to use the GEMs at school. So I have created a podcast, using the iPad program GarageBand, called GEM by Gynasia that teachers can play to their students to remind them about the principles. In my podcast I talk to students about the GEMs and I talk about kids I see using the GEMs at school. I also interview teachers and students about it. By listening to the podcast the kids at school will be reminded to use their GEMs more often.