North Queensland

Year 3 – 4

First Place

Watch Me, Remind You
Katie O’Donnell
Mackay North State School

A watch designed for elderly people to remind them to take their medication, pay their bills and to have a bath. It uses a Micro:Bits and Radio Frequency to work.

Second Place

Sensitive Drain
Hannah Pedler, Amelia Noton, Jayde Gervinas
Mackay North State School

Sensitive Drain is designed to collected any rubbish that might fall into the drain. It alerts its owners when it is full. We wanted to make it easy to do the right thing for the environment.

Third Place

Zayne Thomas, Reef Donald, Jeremiah Stevens
Kelso State School

The problem that our group is trying to solve is students leaving the classroom without permission, or without the Teacher knowing. We choose this problem as if an emergency were to happen we are able to locate where students are and to keep all students safe at all times.

Our teacher can’t keep us safe if we can run away from her and she isn’t allowed to stop us so this program is for Staff members at our school.

Our solution is to make a colour-coded lock that uses a ‘Colour of the Day’ to open and close the door. This lock will also include an alarm in case a student does walk out of the classroom while the teacher is working with other students.

Year 5 – 6

First Place

Germ Battler
Leo McGuinness, Jack Morton
Mackay North State School

A pressure plate design to encourage people to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. It works using a Makey Makey and Scratch coding. 

Second Place

Noise Temperature Project

Emily Baillie, Malayla Stone, Chloe Edwards, Jaydah Stone

Our project is to help teachers and students know when its too loud and when it is hot enough to turn the air con on. We got this idea because our classrooms are too loud and students can’t concentrate on their work. We also included the temperature part as students were complaining about the air-conditions being on all the time. 

Year 11 – 12

First Place

Interactive History
Hamish Finlayson
The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James

Improving engagement in history.