Year 3 – 4

First Place

Emergency Button
Parteek Singh, Daniel Elliot, Jalil Khan, Sean Page
Willmott Park Primary School

Some days kids are not feeling it and they walk out of the classroom in frustration.
So my team and I have created the emergency button that alerts the wellbeing office. Because, when someone walks out and a teacher calls wellbeing sometimes they don’t answer because they are on the phone. With the emergency button, someone presses the button and a red light will turn on in the office to alert them that someone has walked out of the classroom.

Second Place

AMD – Anxiety Monitor Device
Phoenix Shafer, Lucas Walker
Lakes Entrance Primary School

It alerts the wearer to their anxiety levels. It shines green then yellow and then flashes red. It also measures your anxiety. Green is fine, Yellow is mild but trying to calm down, Red is time for intervention.

Third Place

Learning Champion
Natalie Athapaththu, Zara Buyukbilgin, Timothy Wong, Riley Challenger
Willmott Park Primary School

Kids at schools are getting bored with learning. We know kids love technology so we decided to make an editable education game for all year levels that teachers can input questions for kids to answer or solve. There will be spaces for 10 questions that teachers can program in before students play the game.

We know that kahoot is fun but it is not really interactive. All students do on kahoot is press 1 of 4 buttons. Our game will have interactive movement with characters and enemies. This will be far more engaging for students while they learn.

Year 5 – 6

First Place

Safe-E Scooter
Austin Davies, Ethan Kuyunzhi, Enzo Tierney, Lachlan Bickerstaff
Rowellyn Park Primary School

Electronic scooters have become very popular in the community. However, they can be dangerous. A report on seven news on the 10th of May 2022 reported that an elderly woman aged 73 years old was out shopping and was struck by an electric scooter. Injuries caused her to have a suspected broken hip. We wanted to make the community safer by inventing the Safe-E Sooter to avoid such injuries in the future.

Our project is aimed to create a safer electric scooter experience for everyone. It is a safer option to what’s currently available because if the ultra-sonic sensor, which detects a person/object in the way it will stop immediately, reverse, and then turn to the right. As it’s doing this it will also play a sound as well as lighting up red to alert pedestrians. Our project is a prototype of a vehicle that could be made for real life use.

Second Place

Charity Roundups
Cassie Yang, Jovia Prem, Oviya Jeyatheepan, Bijou Wang
Haileybury Edrington

We are focusing on helping charity using financial coding. We will partner with UNICEF to generate funds for their charitable projects using transaction roundups.

This is a problem because UNICEF need more funds to address issue that are impacting vulnerable children including poverty, natural disasters, loss of loved ones and guardians, diseases, and illnesses.

We will start by investigating how roundup transactions are coded and creating a plan to use technology to demonstrate our charity-based approach. We will test our plan using a prototype code to show how it would work.

With roundups, when you pay for something, the cost will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. The extra money will be put in an account. After some time, you can take the money from the bank account. Usually, that money goes to shares++

Third Place

Lest Pest
Cage Farquhar, Sienna Tatlis, Jacob Austin, Billy Keyes
Rowellyn Park Primary School

Our project is designed to eliminate pests in your backyard yard veggie garden. It does this by frightening away scavengers such a rats and possums. It has an ultrasonic sensor which will detect the movement and set off a piercing buzzing sound, as well illuminate an LED strip to scare them off. This helps to avoid them getting to your veggies before you do. 

Year 7 – 8

First Place

Bee Monitoring System
Vinuka Gamage, Ashmit Pharande, Evan Jin, Swarit Dwivedi, Pruthvi Nerali

CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) is an issue plaguing bee colony around the world. The cause of CCD is still unknown, although there are many theories. To try and determine the root cause of this dire problem, we have designed a device that monitors and measures all the circumstances surrounding a beehive. Using cheap, cost effective, 3D printed models and raspberry pi, we can deploy our device around the world to monitor on a large scale and identify a pattern. We have included a weather station that monitors rainfall, wind direction and speed and air pressure. We have also included a camera with intelligent AI that can spot parasites on the bees. We have tested this, and it can differentiate between regular and infected bees. If it does detect any parasites, it will send a discord message to the beehive manager to save the beehive.

Second Place

Smart Fish Tank
Yianni Feretzanis, Oliver La Nauze, Avanith Manoj, Matty Milias

Smart Fish Tank utilizing the concepts of applications, water quality and temperature, auto feeding and cleaning, ph. checker, inbuilt camera, shark simulator and a display screen.

Fish cannot be moved around and can easily be forgotten. It is impossible to keep an eye on your fish for the entire day. You can look after your fish even when you are a long way from home. By using programing and the joining of all us we can make a difference to the life of a fish.

We are making a Smart Fish Tank. We are incorporating the features of PH sensors, temperature sensors, and lights. The fish tank’s main goal is to make the many jobs of looking after a fish tank either automatic or alert you whenever there is any trouble, and/or if your fish tank needs cleaning. We are using notifications on Discord to schedule specific requirements, such as feeding the fish, pH Levels, and seeing if the water is at the right temperature but if you do not have time for that, you can just fully automate by pushing a button. Having this feature would be a breeze. Small mistakes have big effects on living things. The organization is key when keeping track of whether it goes from reminders to notifications. If companies get their hands on our coding, they can use that to make it for other animals like birds to dogs.

Third Place

Medinize (Modernize your Medicine)
Ishan Rahul Gadkari
Glen Waverley Secondary College

Medinize is an innovative smart device to manage your medication. My project is to develop a smart device that is controlled by a Mobile application which allows patients to take the correct medication and the correct dosage, at the correct times. This can be used by both the patient and their carers.

Year 9 – 10

First Place

Music for the Hearing Impaired
Karshin Sachdeva

Currently, 1 in 6 Australians experience hearing loss or deafness with ages ranging from students to seniors. Research has established that deaf people experience and enjoy music through vibrations. Vibrations and perceiving musical notes are quite similar as they both are processed in the same part of the brain. Brain activity in the auditory cortex help the deaf person perceive music and feel emotions from it. People with hearing disabilities currently rely on loud speakers since they provide enough vibrations for them to feel the music. In the market, there are devices that can sense sirens and vibrate an individual’s hand to alert them; however, there is nothing in the market that fully allows hearing impaired people to use both touch and vision to experience music. To solve this, a wristband that consists of multiple vibrating motors can be placed on a deaf person’s wrist. One motor would play the melody whilst the other would play the bass. These vibrations allow hearing impaired individuals to enjoy and perceive music without disturbing anyone else.

Second Place

My Phone Assist
Jamie Moore
Aerobotics Global

As people age, safety becomes of an upmost priority. For only the price of a cup of coffee you can turn any smartphone into an easy to use seniors phone. My Phone Assist helps bridge the gap of communications allowing the senior and their loved ones to stay in contact whenever they need to. With features like SOS Notifications and an easy to use, custom built Phone app, the user can be ensured that they are always a click away from help at all times. With an easy to use ‘To Do’ function built from the ground up, you will never forget a chore again. My Phone Assist takes the confusion out of smartphones making it simple and easy for seniors to use

Third Place

PyAngelo Arcade Table
Julian Rowse, Brandon Zhou

PyAngelo learn to program using Python online

Our school uses PyAngelo, a free online Python playground, for students to learn how to code. However, there is no way to see the best creations—called sketches. We will add a Gallery to PyAngelo, where teachers curate the best, most well-thought-out sketches for everyone to view on a dedicated webpage. Students also have the ability to submit their sketches to the Gallery, where teachers will review their sketches before adding them or not. Additionally, we took this one step further by integrating it into an arcade table with a joystick. The arcade table and joystick is controlled by a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi will first load the webpage with a modified GET header to hide the header and footer. It will then map the joystick to the arrow keys, which means that the user will be able to move around. Additionally, the joystick will be used to select which sketch. Once the user selects a sketch, the Raspberry Pi will load that sketch and run it.

Year 11 – 12

First Place

Command See
Andrew King, Caelen D’onofrio
Fitzroy High School (Wurun Senior Campus)

Its annoying if you can’t remember what you last copied and it’s just annoying to paste. So instead you can use this extension to display what you have stored! The extension creates a window which displays what is currently in the clipboard. The window can be resized and can be bound to a toggle button. The extension supports text, pngs jpegs and everything will be listed as a file name and type. Shows history.

Second Place A new place to listen and watch
Tom Altis, Evan Rifat, Archie O’Connor
Fitzroy High School (Wurun Senior Campus)

The main goal of our platform is to offer user created channels which are called “Video-Radio Stations”, users are able join these stations and watch along with the queue of that particular station. The creator of that station is able to add movies, tv-shows and music to that queue and then the viewers of that station queues will be updated in real time. and Imdb are sites which allow users to share film and music respectively, however, there is no platform which allows the shared and structured listening that we will aim to offer.

This platform will allow people who can’t talk to friends for whatever reason, say they are sick, moved away from their home city, etc.. will allow them to hang out with friends like they were at their house watching tv or listening to music together.

Users of this program will be able to listen to music and film they would of never otherwise seen since this platform will be able to combine multiple people’s taste in a single queue. This will allow our users to expand their own individual music and film tastes.

Our platform has a community focused approached. We rely on the users of our platforms to create these “Video-Radio Stations”, we won’t create standard stations due to us wanting to maintain focus on this being ran by the users of our platform and we will not dictate what stations can and can not be created.

Third Place

Virtual to Reality Mech Simulator
Riley Page, Brandon Chung, Hayden Sullivan, Aidan Byrne
John Monash Science School

This project aimed to create a robot controllable from within a vr headset using hand tracking a reverse kinematics to control a robot with fully articulating arms over a web server. The concept was that by using this technology, the user interface and learning curve would be vastly simpler and easier compared to numerous industry standard remote-control robots especially those with this level of adaptability. In addition to the simplistic and easy to understand control system, using arms built based of humans we can help mimic numerous standard human actions from a safe distance where the only thing in danger is an expendable robot. To help support this concept of using expendable robots in unsafe areas, the project was built on a minimized budget in order to make these robots simple and affordable.