North Queensland

Year 3 – 4

First Place

Interactive Recycling
Jayde Gervinas, Layla Murphy, Amelia Noton
Mackay North State School

Are you confused about what can and can’t be recycled? So were we! So, we decided to create an interactive and informative poster that makes recycling fun. The interactive poster uses a Makey Makey to give users feedback about their recycling choices.

Year 5 – 6

First Place

Handball Helper
Cooper Jayo, Isabella Grant, Katie O’Donnell, Sophie Briggs
Mackay North State School

Our project is about preventing students from helping themselves to handballs from the sports cage. Students are notorious for losing handballs. We designed this project to keep track of which students are borrowing the handballs and making sure that they are returned. This will help our sports captains to manage the sports cage and save money from not having to buy new balls all the time.

Second Place

Bowl Butler
Thomas Acton, William McCallum, Zeb Whelan
The Cathedral School

An automated pet feeding system which provides and monitors food and water for your pet.
Water: Sensors deliver essential information to Bowl Butler monitoring the water level, refilling every few hours when needed. A reservoir of fresh water remains clean and ready for use ensure your pet has water for up to a week at a time.

Food: Bowl Butler delivers different amounts of food for different sized dogs. Users can choose from multiple food amounts, and then know that their animal will receive this amount of food as often as they select for their pet to receive it.

With Bowl Butler you can be confident that your pet is well looked after when you are busy getting through a hectic week.

Third Place

Pressure Plate Reminder
Nemea Fahey, Chloe Giblett, Kayla Jocelyn, Adelaide McGuiness
Mackay North State School

When you step on the plate you will be given a reminder to collect your things or to be organised. When you enter or exit the classroom you will step on a pressure plate that we designed and then a message will play. We came up with this idea because people were forgetting to take things home and were always unorganised. We think that our project will reduce the number of people leaving their thing at school because a little reminder can help people remember a lot.

Year 11 – 12

First Place

Mite Work
Kale Rodgers, Riley Warhurst, Lochie Pelleri
Tech NQ

PCs tend to be throw-away items these days, but if they were looked after, not only would they last longer, but they would use less electricity and run more efficiently. Simulating problems that can occur with PCs is a complex thing to do, and so is setting up routine maintenance when computers are locked down and unavailable to students to work with. This is a game that produces a fun way to solve common PC problems and ensure PC maintenance is carried out. The game will store a leader board so students compete against each other.The end idea will be to make it using Augmented Reality to provide a 3D experience and perhaps into a tool. This tool might help more people to look after their own PC and reduce problems. The user holds their phone up to the computer, an overlay of the existing computer shows where problems might be and how to resolve them