YICTE Brisbane 2015 winners!

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Congratulations to all participants in the Brisbane Young ICT Explorers 2015 judging day! This is the sixth year we have run the event and each year we are excited to see it grow. Major themes this year include the rise of hardware – we saw more Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects than ever before. This is fantastic, it is great to see students taking their ideas and making them a reality. Thanks also to the Hon. Leeanne Enoch MP, Minister for Science and Innovation for her words of support and being available to meet Queensland’s next great technologists! This year we had 283 students from 29 schools enter some 111 projects. This year’s winners were:

Year 3 – 4
1st Place: Oakleigh State School with The World’s Big Problems by Haemish Lander-McBride, Aman Theslow and Andy Sansness)
2nd Place: Ironside State with History Quiz (by Hao Tran, Oliver Mate’, Dalton Lee and Henry Litz)
3rd Place: Rivermount College with Scratch Dance Mania (by Ryhan Morgan, Leilani Freedman and Maddison Coutts)
Merit: Good News Lutheran School with Healthy Food (by Summer Morgan and Brisbane Duval)

Year 5 – 6
1st Place Equal: Good News Lutheran School with Find the Treasure (by Mia Ghobrial and Kayla Malherbe)
1st Place Equal: St Francis Xavier Primary School with Growing to Trade (by Matthew Foley, Marcus Russell and Charlie Brown)
1st Place Equal: Ironside State with Pollution Runner (by Archie Buckingham)
2nd Place Equal: Good News Lutheran School with Tap That Mat (by Karli Ebersohn, Xylia Wang and Maddie Elice)
2nd Place Equal: Norfolk Village State School with Who you gunna call? TRASH BUSTERS (by Kaden Dale, Ashar Cosgrove, Braedyn Gow-Campbell, Jakub Klouba and Max Skeggs)
2nd Place Equal: Oakleigh State School with Graffiti – Where It’s Legal! (by Ben Chubb and Scott Anderson)
3rd Place Equal: LittleNFCBits (by Bertha Park)
3rd Place Equal: Bellevue Park State School with Kids Against Animal Cruelty (by Oscar Cummings, Cody Caughan, Taj McDermott and Harvey Finnigan)
3rd Place Equal: Ironside State with Fit Food Fun (by Malia Gillouin, Priyanaka Jaisingnani and Mia Foley)
Merit Equal: Rivermount College with Geometric Gamers (by Ethan Helbig, Jack Aird and Eli Helbig)
Merit Equal: Good News Lutheran School with Tech-Utopia (by Holly McGuigan)

Year 7 – 8
1st Place: Mansfield State High School with Swift (by Neel Dave)
2nd Place: Kenmore State High School with Light Runner (by Esther Schulz, Nadine Woolsten and Kiara Maier)
3rd Place: Kenmore State High School with Smart Hat (by  Timothy Haupt and Jovan Jovanovich)
Merit: Junior Engineers with Walking Robot – Dr Purple – The Ardi Pet (by Cody Angus Klayman and Oliver Strong)

Year 9 – 10
1st Place Equal: Indooroopilly State High School with Alarm Detection for the Deaf (by Brendon Duncan)
2nd Place: Kenmore State High School with Tricorder Mini (by Michael Schulz)
3rd Place Equal: Mansfield State High School with The Start of Pathfinding (by Matthew Docherty)
3rd Place Equal: Villanova College with Solar Panel Monitoring System (by Alex Williams and Jack Riley)
Merit: Emmanuel College with Autonomous Landline Detection (A.I.D.) (by Benjamin Gonzalez, Jake Nikolic, Joseph Brown and Kealy Collins)

Year 11 – 12
1st Place: Brisbane Girls Grammar School with 3D Maps for Industry (by Imogen Low)
2nd Place: Marymount College with Car Lighting System (by Michael Bogdan, James McCarthy and Connor Goldsmith)
3rd Place: Marymount College with Secret Door Knocking System (Alec Gentile, Lachlan Bowen and Lewis Kemp)
Merit: Villanova College with See All (by Nicholas Schlobohm)

Student Choice
St John’s Anglican College with 1T3 (by Egan Sun Bin, Yerik Noorie and Sap Dissanyake)