YICTE Hobart Winners 2016

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YICTE Hobart Winners 2016

The day started bright and crisp at the University of Tasmania Activity Centre when the first contestant arrived around 7:35 am and by 8:15 am the registration tables were hidden by students eager to register, set up and put their projects on display.

This year we had an excellent turnout of 156 students from six schools who were accompanied and supported by a similar number of parents, teachers, friends, judges and volunteers. The six schools that came along this year were Claremont College, New Town High School, Rose Bay High School, St. Michael’s Collegiate, The Friends’ School and Waimea Heights Primary School.

Excitement continued to build throughout the day as judges moved from table to table asking questions and talking to students about incredible projects such as the Fire Ratings App that was designed by a team of students in Years 5-6 that notifies users when fire ratings have changed in their area.

Once the judges had finally made their deliberations we all moved to the Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre and heard an inspirational talk from Eloise (Ducky) McDonald-Meyer about her career as a web, app and games developer and from the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Elise Archer who gave a few words prior to the awards ceremony.  All in all, it was a great day and everyone I saw left with a smile on their dial.

Year 3-4

Merit: St Michael’s Collegiate with Save the Dolphins (by Chloe Leister, Arabella Pitt & Ellora Chamberlin)

3rd Place: Waimea Heights Primary School with Facial Expressions (by Kim Evans & Addie Hawkes)

2nd Place: Waimea Heights Primary School with Helping Hypothermia (by Ava Parsons, Ava Thomson, Sophie Hill & Georgia Dare)

1st Place: The Friends’ School with Tasmania- Scratch (by Logan Boxall)

Year 5-6

Merit: The Friends’ School with HCR (by Shaker Sharmer, Matthew Brook, Lawrie Jeffs & Gabe Williams)

3rd Place: Waimea Heights Primary School with Sweat Up (by Douglas Matson, Felix McPhail & Will Roth)

2nd Place: Waimea Heights Primary School with Fire Rating (by Lara Corban, Isabel Roth, Bella Petrusma & Bronte Wallis)

1st Place: The Friends’ School with Fun learning for kids (by Abbie Genders, Tilla Haddow & Emily Mundy)

Year 7-8

1st Place: The Friends’ School with Gorilla (by Alex Boxall)

Year 9-10

Merit: St Michaels Collegiate with From the Docks (by Heather Fenderson, Jessica Stephens, Maria Guerra & Eleanor O’Toole)

3rd Place: New Town High School with Cloneit3d (by Jushua Butler & Toby Paynter)

2nd Place: Rose Bay High School with Advanced NFC Prototype Game (by Luke Pettit, Liam Pope & Chloe Wilson)

1st Place: Rose Bay High School with School Smart Watch (by Mitchell Torok)

Year 11-12

1st Place: Claremont College with Robotic Hand (by Corey Hardman & Michael Wilson)

Student Choice

Student Choice Award: New Town High School with Cloneit3d (by Jushua Butler & Toby Paynter)

By Thomas Montague & Shannon Dooley