Young ICT Explorers is an exciting technology competition that inspires passion for Information and Communications Technology among Australia’s youth. Now more than ever, Australia needs to invest in the great minds that will make our future. With your help as an ambassador we will make a major difference to Australia’s future.

Become a Young ICT Explorers Ambassador today and help inspire Australia’s youth for ICT.

What do you sign up for when you become a YICTE Ambassador? There’s no minimum level of activity, but we’d love for you to engage continually in one or more of the following activities:

  • Become a YICTE Judge: Experience the projects at one of our event locations and assess and provide feedback on our students’ amazing ICT projects.
  • Participate in speaking engagements:  Engage with youth audiences and inspire them for ICT as a speaker at one of our YICTE events.
  • Share with media: Lend your perspective on the increasingly important topic of ICT and STEM education for publication in some of Australia’s most influential publications.
  • Engage key audiences in social media:  Join in fun and meaningful social media campaigns and help the message for more ICT skills in Australia go viral.
  • Network with industry: Join SAP customers and partners at select hospitality and industry events.
  • School visits: Visit Australian schools to talk to students about the YICTE competition as well as the rewarding opportunities that come from an education in ICT and other STEM subjects.


“Intel aims to inspire the next generation of inventors and innovators. That’s why we’re supporting Young ICT Explorers – because it’s about creation and invention of technology, which are skills critical for the future of Australia’s knowledge-innovation economy.”
Kate Burleigh: Managing Director, Intel Australia.

Andrew Walduck_0015 Low Res Small

“Living in the Internet age requires future leaders that must drive creativity and energy to disrupt how our organisations operate. For our young leaders, an exciting future exists to work in innovative environments, disrupting traditional ideas and creating leading technology solutions.”
Andrew Walduck: Executive General Manager and CIO, Australia Post


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