QLD Winners 2013

Year 4 – 5

1st Place – A movie about a boy who finds courage.
St Columba’s Primary School: Emma Purcell, Emma Rosetti, Jasmine Blain, Ellie Tracey
This project explores the place of robots as an engaging tool in supporting children to develop strategies for coping with challenging social situations. The aim of the project is to use NXT robots as characters in a movie about a boy who overcomes a bullying incident.

2nd Place – Kids can cook.
AB Paterson College: Mina Storey, Ruby Storey
Parents are concerned about the unhealthy eating of Generation Y. Students have created a website, some games and a video about how to cook healthy meals

3rd Place -The Bully Control Project
St Columba’s Primary School: Dominic Cleary, Noah Fenech, Hugh Torpie, Sam Spurgeon
This project explores the place of robots as an engaging tool in supporting children to develop strategies for coping with challenging social situations. The aim of the project is to create a robot that will demonstrate bullying behaviour and effective strategies to respond to bullying.

Merit Award – Rainbow Colour Mixing Game
AB Paterson College: Nada Wilson
Colour mixing website, allowing children to learn about a new colour when 2 other colours are mixed together. Once they have made a new colour it goes into the rainbow. After the rainbow is filled it can be printed out, or saved on your computer/ device. It is a game that once you are done you will start all over again, and learn and mix new colours.

Year 6 – 7

1st place – ICTinMe
St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School: Brynlea Gibson
My project is multimodal including elements of: Arduino, GameMaker, MaKey MaKey and Weebly. An interactive game combating obesity and diabetes. Fun for all ages, fully documented by blogging and teaching tutorials.

2nd Place – Cyber Safe Servers
Ironside State School: Matthew Dean, Sam Duncan, Gabby Wehr, Jemma Jeffree
Cyber-Safe Servers presents cybersafeserver. A program designed to send out the public IP address so that servers on games can be cyber safe. At the click of a button the program finds the public IP address, looks at a text document with the email addresses on it and then emails the IP address out to the selected email addresses.

3rd Place – Bop the Ball
Good News Lutheran School: Humphrey Munn, Steven Kim, Jaryd Nel , James Brown
It is a 2D platform computer game. The objective is to get through all the obstacles in the game, collecting as many points as you can and to finish with your health bar relatively high. This project has been created using Flash to create the game and Garageband to create the game sounds. It is totally original.

Merit – How to make an animation
St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School: Jessica Miller
Would you like to learn how to make a stop-motion animation quickly and easily out of just about anything? I have create a website that will give you easy step by step instructions, show you the equipment needed, tips and tricks and shows a fun demonstration LEGO animation.

Year 8 – 9

1st Place – The Inspector
Brisbane State High School – Matthew Ryan
Homemade robot controlled by a miro-controller that is controlled by C++ language. The robot features are controlled by C++, it has a LCD screen, LED 8×8 display, robot hand, and robot arm with 7 different motors for pivot points, it also has 4×4 drive, and a wireless camera. I also designed a website on the robot and features.

2nd Place – PlayZone
Mansfield State High School – Tom Barham
Online Gaming network Website

3rd Place – Minecraft Parody
Helensvale State High School – Alison De Nys and Alexandra Lund
The video is a parody of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite called TNT in Scratch. It is a minecraft parody, and is going to be focused on humour.

Merit Award – Your Travel PA
AB Paterson College – Erin Cronin
I have created an app called ‘Your travel P.A.’. This is an application that can be used when going on holidays. The app includes 20 Spanish and 20 Japanese common words and 10 basic sentence structures for each. This will include words like ‘taxi, airport, where is and how much is that’.

Year 10 – 12

1st Place – AUSRAID Hexacopter
Coffs Harbour High School – Max Tavener, Davis Howlett and Alex Spiteri-Albon
Our UAV Hexacopter can be used for search and reconnaissance tasks such as finding lost bush walkers. We plan to have an on-board video camera to aid in the search and a GPS system that will enable us to direct SES rescue teams to recover the lost bushwalkers. We will also be experimenting with autonomous flight techniques.

2nd Place – Campwin Beach House Bed and Breakfast Rebranding
Brisbane Girls Grammar School – Sarah Ridgway-Cross
This project was, fundamentally, a complete logo rebranding for the company Campwin Beach House Bed and Breakfast that included 6 mediums, Business Card, two advertising mediums (Bus stop poster and Billboard advertisement), a t-shirt design, iPhone case and a Facebook page.

3rd Place – Arduino hand recognition and replication project
QASMT – Kendrick Tan and Alexis Arriagada-Malone
Our project is of using an arduino microcontroller and flex sensors in order to manipulate a hand controlled via servo motors. The flex sensors will be connected to a glove and its fingers and the programming will enable the robotic hand to replicate the movement of the users hand.

Merit – Girls eSports co-curricular club
Brisbane Girls Grammar School – Mariana Segaram, Nicola Tuffley, Brianna Kerr and Anna Thompson
As a school group we administrate an eSports co-curricular club that provides fun and innovative ways to engage secondary school girls in ICTs – . We have a particular focus on gaming which includes many benefits such as building positive relationships and confidence throughout the student body.

Students Choice – Nature Creation Co
Good News Lutheran School: Hannah B, Lydia McMah, Amie Duong
Our project is a website. We want to solve the problem of kids not respecting the environment and we want them to start looking after the world. Our website will show videos, pictures, and have games to do with the environment. Our games have been programmed using Scratch.


NSW Winners 2013

Year 4- 6

1st Place – Tech School

Abbotsleigh Junior School: Annabelle Stuart, Angela Seitan
Tech school is a website designed for Abbotsleigh students to chat with their peers, have a group discussion and trade items between students. Also it has a function to ask their class and teachers about the work via instant message.

2nd Place – Behind the Scenes of video making
Roseville College: Isabella Perringnon
A short news clip which utilises multimedia to present a factual report about the Japanese earth quake. An integrated project which uses integrates HSIE, English and technology.

3rd Place – Peter’s Cyber Story
Hunter Valley Grammar: Tynan Fuller
A movie showing some of the consequences of using social networking in an inappropriate way. The project has been created using Claymation, Stop Motion, Music Composition, Voice over, Green Screen and a movie creator.

Merit – Splash Art
Wahroonga Public School: Maia Staas, Tegan Sharpe, Hannah Chong
It is important to express yourself through art. Splash Art is a website which showcases artworks created by the girls. It is designed to inspire and teach other students to find their inner artist

Year 7- 8

1st Place – Cyl Track
Newington: Rhys Watkins, Simon Giordano, Max Quinn, Henry Mellor
“Cyl Track” is an application designed to benefit Coregas (Wesfarmers) Customers and sales staff, by enabling them to access information about a cylinder via barcode scanning.

2nd Place – DL13
Parramatta Marist: Stephen Balogh-Caristo, Philopatir Farid
Data Logger 13 is a four-in-one multi-function data logger that captures temperature, humidity and geolocation (latitude and longitude as well as altitude) using a temperature and humidity sensor, a GPS module and a compass.).

3rd Place – I.Will.Survive
Newington College – Michael Knox, Massimo Marchese
An app that helps get kids through the tough times in life. For IOS devices, it was programmed on Xcode.

Merit – The Way Out
Emanuel School: Ethan Cohen, Doron Shlom, Dylan Kramer, Eitan Meshel
A 3D First-Person Labyrinth game, with a storyline and a twist. Created by Year 8 students who have taught themselves everything they need to know.

Year 9- 10

1st Place – GrinNBearIT
Knox Grammar: Viney Kumar
The program that I have devised, can provide people with the essential skills and information to survive in nature without human assistance, and makes these skills easy to access with the touch of a button on your phone.

2nd Place – Relic
Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College: Sarah Upfold ,Madeline Pagnett, Sophie Pannell
Short animation revolving around 2 main characters. Aimed at 5 – 10 year olds to help appreciate what they have and gaining a new appreciation of other people and their perspectives.

3rd Place – Epique
James Ruse Agricultural High School: Raymond Wu , Michael Jia , Linzi Zhu
Epique – An epic tale of love, loss and hitting things until they fall over. A turn based RPG set in the French inspired fantasy land of Provance. Epique follows Elan Monette as he journeys to solve his sister Estelle from the clutches of an evil dragon, accompanied by his freinds Rose and Jack. Made in ZOIZ using RPGMaker VXACE

Merit – Short Stories in Stopmotion
Macarthur Anglican School: Austen Perich
Using Lego figures, a webcam and a computer, I have created short animations using stopmotion. I have created it with a lot of patience and trial and error

Year 11 -12

1st Place: MaxNihongo – Interactive Japanese Learning System
Chatswood High School: Max Forrest.
Interactive language learning system comprised of textbook and emerging technologies including android application, augmented reality, NFC tags and QR codes. The work also includes a promotional video.

2nd Place: Fall to your Feet
Oxford Falls Grammar School: Harrison Dunwell.
Fall to your Feet is a body of work produced by Harrison Dunwell for his Year 12 Multimedia Major Project. It consists of a Music Video, Website, Media Design & Music Production. The project can be viewed here: http://harrisondunwell.businesscatalyst.com/ The password for the video is babypowder.

3rd Place: The Car Handbook
Oxford Falls Grammar School: Jordan Heaton.
The Car Handbook is a mobile phone app developed using Phone Gap that includes a series of video tutorials. The video tutorials cover basic car repairs, modifications and general car care.

Merit: Tilt Worm
Northern Beaches Christian School: Cody Lovett
Tilt Worm is a simple yet challenging tilt to move game for all ages. With the easy to use controls you will soon feel like a master of the whole game. Use the tilt controls to stay on the coin spots and get the highest score you can!

Students Choice Award: Project: Zaq
Chatswood High School: Daniel Reincastle
3D adventure game focusing on art and visual representation. the story of a young man in a dystopian steampunk setting.