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Year 3 – 4



MemoryBuddy – a Voice App to help
Dementia Patients

Lucas Buchanan

Bondi Public School

I am exploring voice technologies and trying to help dementia patients, with all stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia. My product, called Memory Buddy will contain a voice app usable on Google home and an app usable on a tablet or iPhone.



Non-stuttering Device

Quinlan Hofmeyr, Cameron Lawrence

Wahroonga Public School

If you stutter, your mind cannot form words easily and repeats. We are building a device that measures your brainwaves and helps you get your concentration right so you can say the words and move onto the next one.




Jackson Macdonald, Oliver Schlosser

Knox Grammar Preparatory School

Many farmers are struggling to find water for their animals or crops. Our project is a robot that will help farmers who are in desperate need of water by finding on a farm. The WaterBOT will send a signal to them if it finds a source of water so they know where to graze their animals or plant their crops. We thought about the massive drought in Australia and how we could fix it by helping farmers with the excruciating pain bending down multiple times just to find wet soil. This would go into the fields and check places to see if it is moist enough to plant vegetables or fruit there. Then the micro:bit will send a radio message saying ok and if it is not good it would say bad.


Merit Award

Robot Head

Mitchell Whiley, Kingston Rahme

Knox Grammar Preparatory School

Our project is a device that uses gesture recognition to help blind people tell when they are close to a wall or something hard so they do not hurt themselves.

We chose our project because there is a shortage of guide dogs for blind people and we feel they shouldn’t be left out so we wanted to design a product that could tell blind people how far away from something they are. Our product will also be a lot cheaper than the cost of a guide dog.



Year 5 – 6



Healthy Waterways

Pia Allen

Greenwich Public School

My project is a device that measures the dissolved oxygen (DO) level in water. It uploads the results to an Internet of Things website called GroveStreams. This allows the health of waterways to be monitored remotely. It uses an Arduino with a probe, camera and an LCD display. In addition, I have created a website that shows the results and a photo of the waterway. For this, the camera uploads a picture every minute.




Luka Burrell

Penshurst West Public School

My project is solar powered automatic food and water dispenser for your pets which can do wet food and dry food, with attachments for interaction between you and your pet, such as a camera and a screen. There’s also a treat dispenser for your pet to be rewarded with. I chose the ePAMPER 2.0 to continue my previous project which I became invested in. I chose it last year because I wanted to make the repetitive task of feeding your pets easier, wet food or dry. There are several food dispensing mechanisms including an auto capsule packer and an auger.




Declan Hofmeyr, Jackson Jones, Oliver Jones, Owen Lee

Wahroonga Public School

Vlassroom is a virtual classroom that allows disabled, rural or ordinary students the ability to have a good education. We had decided to do this project because we had heard about that rural areas have quite considerably less average grades than urban and suburban kids and We wanted to do something about it. We used Unity Networking and other Unity add-ons to create a useful tool.



Year 7 – 8



Real-time Learning

Ellia Baywood, Josh Bennett, Abigail Hammond, Rhy Hoschke, Alara Rajasingham,
Joaquin Lecciones

Kempsey Adventist School

Real-time Learning is a project aimed at improving classroom learning outcomes by considering the well being of students. Kempsey has one of the highest suicide rates in Australia and where poor student well being is a on-going challenge that impacts learning. We are developing an iOS app that simply and quickly captures a student’s readiness to learn and provides this data to the teacher in real-time, enabling the teacher to modify the teaching approach to fit. The app also captures the effectiveness of the lesson at the end and provides this feedback to the teacher.



Easy Grow

Luca Maher, Damian Abou-Antoun, Lachlan Bissell, Harry Ashton

Saint Ignatius College Riverview

Our group hoped to create a way that people could grow their own herbs at home without fuss. We wanted to create a phone app that would be able to help any person in today’s busy society be able to grow and take care of a herb of their choice. The app would inform them when they would need to plant the herbs, water the herbs and when it would be ready to harvest the herbs. The app will help you along the whole journey, letting you grow herbs with ease. Our app will let people that don’t have the time to research and read up on specific conditions and needs of herbs. These people can feel the satisfaction of growing their own products without having to give up their whole life and more importantly in this day and age their TIME!



LAPTO, Laptop Trolley

Edmond Cheng, Jake Bedford

St George Christian School

Our aim for this project is to reduce the time required to receive a laptop and return a laptop during class. We want to help the many schools who have a lots of laptops to have organisation systems. We also want to create order when storing laptops.

Firstly you get out the laptop and there will be a barcode on the laptop. You will then locate the barcode scanner on the trolley and position the barcode on the laptop close to the scanner. Once you have scanned the barcode properly the trolley will light up the correct stage compartment in the trolley to return the laptop. This will reduce the amount of class times need to return, find and store the class laptops. We also plan to apply this to iPad trolleys as well.




Year 9 – 10




Angus Pinn, Cameron Gee, Daniel Heazlewood-Lee, Andrew O’brien

Knox Grammar School

The project in which we have created is the Cadet Mapping and Positioning System 4.0 (CMAPS). This system is based off the original system which was Cadet mapping and positioning system 2.0. Through extensive usage in the field and in-house development the new version 4.0 has undergone extensive upgrade including device function and aesthetics. Specific changes include making the device more compact so that it will be less cumbersome whilst in the field as well as improving clarity using OLED screens. By doing these upgrades it has completely changed the way in which the device functions improving the overall efficiency.



Iron Fist

Jupiter Grant-Klar, Zane Hercz, Callum Smith, Laszlo Vodopivec

Cranbrook School

The goal of our project is to improve and reform the diminishing health and safety standards in factories across the third-world. One of the major risks in factories is employees working close to automated machinery. To resolve this, we have built and designed an intuitive control system for robotic arms. The control system is wireless and therefore permits for workers to maintain a safe distance to the arm when operating it. Being wireless also allows the operator to have one hand free, improving worker efficiency. This can help improve the health and safety in factories as it means that workers are not tethered to the machinery and if an emergency occurs, can quickly evacuate the factory.



Vision Impaired Text-to-Speech using Raspberry Pi and Google Tesseract

Brayden Hassan, Noah Imrie, David Buckley

Warrawong High School

Using Raspberry Pi and a Raspberry Pi camera, we hoped to achieve a practical solution for vision impaired people to receive information from written signs.



Beach Day

Levi Brown, Matthew Carley, Jackson Warburton

St Phillips Christian College -PS

Can you save everyone in time? This is a game to match your wits against the tide. The swimmers need saving and it is up to you to get them on your board to safety. As the game proceeds the more people you have to save and the quicker they sink below the surface.

This game was developed to draw awareness to beach safety and the role Life Savers have at the beach.



Year 11 -12



‘Offbeat’ (Video Game)

Beatrice Robinson, Jacques Mathot, Giselle Thiele, Declan Predavec

Mosman High School

Offbeat is a music driven puzzle game with a unique art style and engaging narrative. It tells the story of a band of misfits overcoming obstacles to prove their worth despite criticism. The original Unity 2D game will be playable on desktop platforms.



Interactive Card Playing Robot

Alanna Manfredini

Independent Entry

In this report I document the design and construction of my “Briscola” (card-game) playing robot. The main function is for this robot to see the cards, make decisions and then play its own hands. To achieve these goals it utilises machine vision, programming, motors and moving parts. The robot is constructed with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit, software and a PixyCam, which was developed at Carnegie Mellon University. The robot’s purpose is to provide a competent and challenging opponent for the classic Italian card game, Briscola for elderly or solo players. The main idea is that the robot’s perfect card counting ability may give it an advantage. The current prototype demonstrates that this is an achievable and worthwhile aim due to the success at reading and characterising the cards reliably.



Stem Hub

Gian Ellis-Gannell, Elle Nacard, Samantha Yao, Olivia Holmes

Loreto Normanhurst

Our product is an interactive website resource targeted towards women and girls who are involved or interested in the STEM field. Called the STEM-Hub, this will be an easily accessible online location for girls and women to share their ideas and communicate with others about their passions. We hope to introduce more girls and young women into STEM careers, and encourage a fostering of talents through support and mentorship. The platform will connect ‘mentors’ who are female STEM professionals with younger students interested in the area, as well as a forum for students to share their interests, will have a list of upcoming events available, and will include biography summaries of successful role models as well as resources to complete activities




‘Offbeat’ (Video Game)

Beatrice Robinson, Jacques Mathot, Giselle Thiele, Declan Predavec

Mosman High School

Offbeat is a music driven puzzle game with a unique art style and engaging narrative. It tells the story of a band of misfits overcoming obstacles to prove their worth despite criticism. The original Unity 2D game will be playable on desktop platforms.