Registration for 2022 is now open.

Teachers/Parents/Guardians can register their school or independent entry by signing up to our online registration portal and indicating the anticipated number of project teams entering.

Register Now

Registration Deadline : 25th July 2022

Teachers/Parents/Guardians need to register a account showing their teams interest by midnight 25th July 2022.  Once registered, teams can be nominated, and project  details and any attachments can be uploaded.

Submission Deadline: 4th August 2022

This is the final day for project report submissions; details including team member names and year group level, a project description, pictures of the  project and other relevant information is to be uploaded. The project documentation can be uploaded as a word document or pdf file, if you have multiple files per project please save these into a zip folder for uploading.

Please note: You can complete the project report submission process at any stage from the launch in February until the submission deadline, but you will need to have registered by the registration deadline to be able to complete the submission process. 

After submissions close, an assessment panel will review all the project documentation submitted and we will schedule virtual judging rounds with each school/entering organization. Entrants are able to continue developing and fine tuning their projects right up until the virtual judging review.

Review (judging) Dates

  • Senior Years (cat 7 – 8, 9 – 10, 11 – 12): 15 August – 7 September
  • Junior Years (cat 3 – 4, 5 – 6): 8 September – 11 November

Each team will have 10 minutes with our judging panel, students have 5 mins to pitch/present/demonstrate their project, then judges have 5 minutes to ask further questions about the idea and positive feedback. All teams will receive written feedback and certificates of achievement/participation. If submitting a video, it is to be a maximum of 8 minutes in length.

National Final

The YICTE National Finals TBA