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Qld Winners 2012
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Qld Winners 2012

Young ICT Explorers Winners Qld 2012


Years 4 to 5


Joint 1st Place: Cannons vs Cans
A B Paterson College: Oliver Cronin and Peter Wolfenden
A video game about "Cannon shoots Cannonballs at a number of Cans"


1st Place: Space, Stars and Planets
A B Paterson College: Sarah Borten and Ella Bassett
An educational learning system to make students learn about the characteristics of stars and planets

2nd Place: Lego Bank Robbery
Kelvin Grove State College: Michael Dreiling, Asher England and Luca Tirocchi
The project is Lego stop motion movie.


Joint 3rd Place: World of cars
A B Paterson College: Zackery Tenenboum and Callum Janetzki

The students created website, games, and movies to showcase cars.



3rd Place: Dare to Bear
A B Paterson College: Mina Storey

A short claymation film about how using too much electricity in your home can affect the life of creatures on the other side of the world.


3rd Place: Why kookaburras and Snakes aren't friends
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School: April Miller

A movie made by Movie Maker


Years 6 to 7

Joint 1st Place: Math and English website

St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School: Brynlea Gibson

A website for math and English learners


1st Place: Loggs

A B Paterson College: Lucas Dugdale, Nicholas Bassett and Sam King

An information logging application for Apple’s iOS operating system

Joint 2nd Place: Ubuntu Computer and Visual Basic Calendar

Good News Lutheran School: Nicolas Olivier

An Ubuntu computer and a visual basic calendar which suit people practically


2nd Place: Flamery platform game

Marist College Ashgrove: David Lake and J O'Toole

A medieval style platform game which involves a hero (Retro Wizard) and a villain(an evil warlock) who used his powerful mind-control powers to make anyone turn to his will and also uses propaganda to convince the citizens that he is kind and peaceful.


Joint 3rd Place: Midnight Drive

Ironside State School: Jamie Lee, Eliot Davies, Ishara Chitrasena and Liam Joyce

A collection of well rounded, educational mini games. This software is a bargain, with twelve games in one.


3rd Place: Heli-Rescue

Ironside State School: Sushankar Khandabhattu and Jason Yang

Heli Rescue is a gamemaker 8.1 game which mainly focuses on teaching children from years 1-3 about the Queensland floods of 2012. the game was created form scratch and the scenario is saving people from the floods and learning facts about it.

Merit Award: Help the Garden

Worongary State School: Anastasia Saunders and Jessica Smith

A movie trailer which is as a plea for helping to fence the school garden and protect it from vandals




Merit Award: Fashion - Through the Ages

A B Paterson College: Rebekah Tenenboum and Rebecca Braniff

A website which consists of a shop online feature as well as a page where customers can leave comments



Years 8-9

1st Place: NEVIS' Platform

Coffs Harbour High School: Alex Spiteri-Albon, Max Tavener and Davis Howlett

The project is a semi-autonomous platform that uses a computer and several sensors to deliver information about its surrounding environment.


2nd Place: WordWiki

Mansfield State High School: Tom Barham

The project is a widely compatible online dictionary to allow anyone to easily quickly and simply search up.

3rd Place: Hungry Balls

Anglican Church Grammar School: Andrew Adams

A maze game with a variety of levels and modes created.


Merit Award: Measurewiing

Villanova College: Gregor Evans, Connor Frasier-Grant, Aidan Matta and Josh Zouliou

The project uses a Wii-remote to calculate the height of a person and/or another project.



Years 10-12


Joint 1st Place: School Connect

QLD Academy for Creative Industries: Michael McClenaghan

A Student Management System (SMS), aiming to provide an all-in-one solution to the management of student life. The system is designed to have a cross platform experience, with support for Apple’s iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and many more. The aim of this is to create a broad market. It covers such areas as communication between staff and students, assisting students with organisation of school activities and study, as well as school administration tasks.




1st Place: NVision

QLD Academy for Science Mathematics & Technology: Patrick Meiring and Jamie Venning

A Neural Network-based smartphone application reading business cards


1st Place: WiFi bot

Brisbane Grammar School: Jonathan Brownlee

A remote controlled car using wifi and single board computer.

Joint 2nd Place: GaiaScape

Indooroopilly State High School: Rory Dungan, Dylan Ford, Daniel Docherty and Joshua Dauth

Software which can create and render a detailed 3D world. Gaiascape gives artists control over how generated landscapes should look without requiring attention to every minute detail by using a set of algorithms designed to produce realistic looking terrain.



2nd Place: Monster Island Game

Brisbane Girls Grammar School: Yen Nguyen

An interactive learning object, which lets children aged from four to five explore with shapes and numbers while enjoying the company of friendly monsters.

Joint 3rd Place: SolarBot

Indooroopilly State High School: Michael Simpson and Murray Goebel

A robot used sensors to automate a process. An automated solar panel is created to allow the robot to turn towards the direction of the sun and follow the path of the sun so that maximum power is always generated through the panel. Four light sensors and two motors were used in the design and programming was done in BricxCC.


3rd Place: Project Helios

Brisbane State High School: Liam McBride-Kelly and Riccardo Miceli McMillan

This project was aimed at capturing video of the curvature of the earth from 35km altitude using a high altitude weather balloon and a multitude of electronic equipment. The project spanned over two years, from May 2010 to April 2012. On the 14 April 2012 the Brisbane based team travelled to Tamworth, NSW and Helios 1 was launched, reaching a maximum altitude of 32.28km above sea level.

Merit Award: Clayfield College Old Girls Association website

Clayfield College: Geena Ellis

An effective website for the Clayfield College Old Girls’ Association



Merit Award: Tablet computer

Brisbane Grammar School: Akshay Sharma

A tablet computer targeting one's preferences while being aesthetically, ergonomically and financially appealing.



Merit Award: Connection 0

Anglican Church Grammar School: Hugo Kawamata

A platforming Game Maker game/Adobe Flash animation which is about a glitch in a PC, allowing the user to see virus software



Merit Award: D3ns

QLD Academy for Science Mathematics & Technology: Liam Edwards-Playne

The project is an investigation into P2P technologies and a further attempt to create an implementation of a next-generation Distributed Hash Table.


Student Choice Award

Years 10-12: Q Book

Caboolture State High School: Elizabeth Clifford and Jeremy Wooldridge

An innovative application (with the addition of the website) designed to encourage and engage Queensland Secondary Schools to participate in wider reading programs.



Years 8-9: Hex

Marist College Ashgrove: Cameron Lake and Jordan Maes

The project is a first person shooter game in the character of robot who is trying to locate and save the humans.

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